Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ring Dog Rescue Asilomar Accords 2014

Ring Dog Rescue

Beginning Shelter Count = 31

Intake from Public

Transfers from Organizations within Target Community

Transfers from Organizations outside Target Community

Total Adjusted Intake 2014=89


Subtotal Outgoing=87

Ending Shelter Count=33

Thursday, July 30, 2015

How does Richmond Rank? A note from Andrew at Dog-Friendliness Index.

Hello there,

I saw your blog and thought you might be interested in our Dog-Friendliness Index (we will publish the Cat-Friendliness Index next month). Nationwide, only 24% of apartments allow dogs, but there is significant variation across cities and states.

· Richmond ranked #65 out of 200 cities in dog-friendliness, with 30% of apartments allowing dogs
·Arlington, TX comes in at the top of the list, with 61% of apartments allowing dogs. Other cities that performed well included Indianapolis (43%), Chicago (42%), Denver (42%) and Seattle (41%).
·East Coast cities don’t appear to be very dog-friendly. Your best bet may be Alexandria or Arlington, where ~35% of apartments allow dogs.
·The best states for renters with dogs are Texas and Colorado; worst are Vermont, New York, and Rhode Island.

You can access the full data at this link. We also have data on which cities and states have the highest concentration of pet owners, and will release that soon. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Final Summary Maddie's Adoption Days (2014)

In 2014, Ring Dog Rescue participated in the Maddie's Fund Adoption Days event.  Along with several other local municipal shelters, humane societies, and rescue groups.  This event far surpassed our expectations with so many animals adopted.  Through this program Ring Dog Rescue was awarded a grant of $19,500.00, see below if you would like to know how this money was spent.

Ring Dog Rescue would also like to take a moment to send a big THANK YOU to Maddie's Fund and our host agency the Richmond SPCA, along with all the shelters, humane societies, and rescue groups who participated.  If you would like to find out more about Maddie's Fund click this link http://www.maddiesfund.org/index.htm.

Date: July 23, 2015
Ref: Maddie’s Adoption Days Final Report
Year End Summary
Ring Dog Rescue

            Maddie’s Adoption Days 2014 awarded Ring Dog Rescue with $19,500.  This award allowed for lifesaving surgeries, essential expenses, and individual treatments for over 60 animals in our program.  These included heartworm treatment, orthopedic surgery, teeth cleaning and extractions, cherry eye surgery, basic medical service (to include but not limited to spay and neuter, rabies and distemper/parvo vaccinations, collars, microchips, and internal/external parasite treatment.  It is through the generosity of Maddie’s Fund that we were able to take in several animals that needed more extensive treatments and required longer length of stay in our program.  Throughout the last 12 months Ring Dog Rescue has adopted out 89 animals, which would not have been possible without the grant award from Maddie’s Adoption Days 2014.
            Maddie’s Fund was formally acknowledged on our social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).  Acknowledgement was also made in our news letter(s), along with many day-of event posts.  Going forward, Maddie’s Fund will be continuously acknowledged on our website and blog posts.

            We at Ring Dog Rescue would like to formally thank Maddie’s Fund for choosing our great city to represent Maddie’s Adoption Days 2014, and the Richmond SPCA for being the host organization.  We thank you for allowing us to provide lifesaving treatments for the homeless animals of Richmond, VA.